Translated by W. D. Ross
First Philosophy
Book 1 Α: The Nature and History of First Philosophy
Book 2 α: Difficulties Relating to First Principles
Book 3 Β: Nature and Natural Science
Book 4 Γ: The One Science of Being Qua Being
Book 5 Δ: The Meanings of Various Terms
Book 6 Ε: First Philosophy and The Accidental
Book 7 Ζ: Being and Substance
Book 8 Η: More on Substance
Book 9 Θ: Potency, Capability, Actuality
Book 10 Ι: Unity and Contrariety
Book 11 Κ: Wisdom and Science
Book 12 Λ: Natural Philosophy and Theology
Book 13 Μ: Substance, Separability, Forms and Number
Book 14 Ν: First Principles

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